Our Matinee Idol
Washington, D.C. - November 20th 2003
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Things I loved about the D.C. Show:

(1) The audience was the best. They all screamed at the "appropriate" Rufus moments like after the "Rufus the Baptist" and "baptized in cum" lines in "Gay Messiah," after the Maria Callas note in "Vibrate," after Martha's introduction, after the opening chords of old faves, and after Rufus' sarcastic look after singing "straight men" in "Oh What a World." Also, after the final chords of "Vicious World," the audience was deliciously silent until the chord finally died out. Yay! I <3 all you D.C. folk. Also, it was great meeting doubledutchess, doodles, zencorinne, jeff, and jenny (beyondjupiter). Melissa -- you are an angel for bringing me that CD!!

(2)Martha was so wonderful. She looked great, I thought, especially since she's lost so much weight. She's always been beautiful, but she's a fox now! (Also -- I liked her outfit! She was wearing this blue t-shirt that said "Mike's Bike Shop" on it in red letters, a navy blue vest, a white skirt, and these cute open-toed heels. Very cute.) Her voice control seems like it's gotten a million times better as well. Again, she has always been wonderful, but she was so on in D.C. Her voice didn't falter or crack once, and her guitar playing was sublime. Faves: "Pretty Good Day" and "Bloody Mother Fucking Asshole."

(3)Ok, on to Rufus. He looked totally adorable in his little pin-striped suit and sage green shirt. He had a little sage green orchid(?) pinned to the jacket as well. Aww! Initially, the drums were kind of loud, and it took them a song to warm up. After that it was wonderful though, as usual. The whole auditorium just glowed with energy. Evening highlights: --Rufus introducing Teddy as the "unfortunately" heterosexual member of the band -- Rufus, Teddy, & Martha on "One Man Guy." It was like "Yay! The old friends together!" Wonderful, fantastic, fabulous, any complimentary term you can throw out, this song was. -- "Nuits de Miami," the final song of the evening with Rufus & Martha. Martha's accent is so lovely...something about her singing "pa...ra...dis" just gives me incurable goose bumps. -- the set up of the stage for "Oh What a World." All five of the primary singers (Rufus, Jack Petruzelli [back up guitar & singer], Teddy, Martha, and Jenni) all lined up in a row at the front of the stage, no guitars or anything, and just sang straight out into the audience. AHhh, it was so wonderful. -- Rufus' fantastic commentary on watching the Michael Jackson special all alone in his hotel room (to awws from the crowd) -- the audience (and Rufus) cracking up with laughter at Rufus saying "Michael Jackson, out of my head!!!!! Out, out, out!!!" at the beginning of "Pretty Things" -- Martha saying that "Bloody Mother Fucking Asshole" was written about someone, probably her father, but that it could be written about a lot of people -- Martha saying, after telling the audience that her records were for sale out front, that she was sorry, that she has to make money somehow and she would make a shitty waitress -- Teddy's outfit. He was wearing jeans & sneakers with a black suit jacket and a tux shirt. The tux shirt was black and had pleats on either side of the buttons, but instead of regular pleats, they had glitter. Rufus made it a point to mention his fabulous shirt when he introduced the band and told him to show the audience, and he obliged, opening his jacket and wiggling a bit to show off the glitter. It was so adorable.

(4)Seeing Teddy and Rufus pre-show outside the venue. Both were very gracious, and I got a (surprisingly) firm handshake from Rufus and bummed a cigarette from Teddy, who chatted with Jenny and I for a good 10 minutes before going in to watch Martha open. Both were so dear to us...I was very grateful since it was my first time meeting them that the experience went so well.

(5)Meeting Teddy, Rufus, and Martha post-show. Rufus took the time to sign every single darn autograph for everyone standing at the door. He signed my little post card and gave me a hug. (For all those who are interested, which I'm assuming is all of you, he appears to be a "rubber" not a "patter" when it comes to what your hands do when around the other person. Aww! I'm surprised I remembered anything at all since I was totally smitten the whole time) As Rufus was leaving, I said "Have a safe drive to Philly" and didn't think he heard me, but he turned around, smiled, and was like "Thanks! We will!" Yay! We found Teddy in front of the bus and gave him hugs, saying all the usual things: great show, etc. and I told him I would see him in Pittsburgh. Martha was totally sweet, remembered Jenny's name, and signed CDs for both of us before escaping to the bus. I told her that I had seen her last year at the 9:30 club and that her CDs were sold out after the show so I was thrilled to finally get them here. She said she was glad I finally got it and asked me my name to sign my CD.

Overall, it was the night of my dreams. I just kept turning around to Jenny during the performance and saying "Yay!" over and over again because it was all so wonderful. And speaking of Jenny, I owe her a big thank you since she was my wonderful companion for the evening! Love you sweetie, and I'm sorry I was a grump later on. Shannon is not a happy girl with little food, sleep, and no cigarettes for 3 hours! I owe you a million!

I'll post the *very* long story about Pittsburgh on another night. I'm exhausted after these last 4 days of little sleep, lots of walking, long drives, and sitting out in bone-chilling weather for hours on end. (My total hours outdoors in the cold: 15 1/2 hours over a total of 3 days. Brr. But it was *so* worth it! Yay Rufus, Teddy, and Martha!)

Side note: The word of the day is extramundane. It means "beyond the physical world." If this is the case, my experience at D.C. was definitely extramundane.