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"Barcelona": This song is loosely about AIDS. It's about
feeling like you just wanna go someplace and dance in
the street and forget your troubles. I went to Barcelona
to do just that - and had a horrible time. My friend got
strep throat, the hotel was a rip-off, our car was towed
and we were robbed by gypsies. The line "Fuggi, regal fantasima"
is Italian. It's from Verdis "Macbetto." It means "Flee,
regal phantasm." It's when Macbeth is going mad and sees the ghost.
In my mind, the ghost was AIDS.


The summer sun sets a vicious circus
when shadows held the world in place
But today I felt a chill in my apartment's
coolest place
"Fuggi Regal Fantasima"
The village larks cannot be heard
'cause all the crows got panderers
I can't esape these velvet drapes,
don't want my rings to fall off
my fingers
"Fuggi Regal Fantasima"
The mirror I find hard to face
'Cause I fear its a long way down
Got to get away from here, I think I know
which hemisphere
Crazy me don't think there's pain in Barcelona
They dance you 'round a waltz confound
But I fear it's a long way down
Even if that straw I pull
and I got to fight that bull
Nothing really compares to Barcelona
Besides in Spain Don Juan's to blame
But I fear it's a long way down
And I fear I won't be around
Make sure I have all my papers
laying out my summer clothes
Search for traps in vain like scratching
so my suitcase I can close
"Fuggi Regal Fantasima"