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Sally Ann: That's the Canadian nickname for the Salvation Army. It's another Danny song.
He used to live near the Salvation Army in this very depressed area of Montreal called St. Henry.
One day, I was walking around down there and imagined living on love in the bad, beautiful part of town, drinking in the bar, having to shop the Sally Ann to decorate our disgusting tenement flat. Ah! the romance of poverty. There's even a Salvation Army-esque horn part.


My true love did breathe by the Sally Ann
just barely
That while walkin' through the town only my heart
did hear him
In views of the city
There ain't many folks by the
Sally Ann so pretty
That while walkin' through town,
many a twisted features
Made a terrible beauty
And then I knew
And then I knew, I'd been there before
One thing you must know by the
Sally Ann directly
Is that the pockets
don't hold any more sunken treasures
After baptism by whiskey
But when leavin' the bar by the Sally Ann
just barely
The old angel may allow light from above
the mountain
And red brick walls blooming, you may see
And then you'll know
And then you'll know, you've been there before