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Danny Boy: This one is based a little bit on Wagnerian opera.
The guy from "Foolish Love," Danny, is like the warrior-hero-babe
Siegfried. When I met him it was like meeting a god, the
light from him almost burning me. I never thought of the standard
"Danny Boy" when I was writing it, and I think I lost a lot of gigs
at places like [New Yorks hip Irish venue] Sin-f, because they
thought I was gonna put on an Irish-American jamboree!
Your skin is cold, but
the sun shines within your hold
Your hair is gold, but you see through a goldfish bowl
I feel old, sick and tired
We walk the streets, gently staring, wondering what to do
The sun in sheets, pouring down those streets to eyes green and blue
And a ship with eight sails could come 'round the bend
Or a herd of bulls charging stop lighs red
I'd be blind
Chorus: You broke my heart Danny Boy Not your fault Danny Boy
I was hanged at the doorstep, played like a two to a fourset
Had like poor Job in the bible by God
Day comes I wake, I wake with a hard heartache
I go down to your place
We sit and chat, chat about New York
and trips to the bayou
My smile a trick, tricking me and trying not to scare you
And a ship with eight sails could come 'round the ben
Or a herd of bulls charging stop lights red
I'd be blind