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March 9th 1999 - Trinity St. Paul's Church at Spadina and Bloor.
My first time seeing Rufus Wainwright in concert, I went with my mother, and had the chance to meet him after the show. The music was beautiful, the atmosphere serene, and the time spent with my mother was perfect.



The second time I saw Rufus was at the Guvernment in downtown Toronto. I went with my mother again, as well as my friend Debra from high school. Although we didn't get to meet Rufus after the show, we got to see Tegan and Sara, and had a great time standing amidst the loyal Rufus fans.




I was invited to be a special guest at the filming of Rufus Wainwright's appearance at Bravo's Live at the Rehearsal Hall. I invited nine friends, one of which was my girlfriend at the time. I got to sit right next to the piano (you can sort of see my head in the newspaper add for the show), and a few of my invited friends got to ask Rufus questions on the air. I met Rufus and Martha after the show, and had my picture taken with them once again.


No pictures from this show, unfortunately as cameras were confiscated if you attempted to snap a shot during the show. I saw Rufus open for Tori Amos at Massey Hall. The show was interesting, since Rufus was on a small electric piano, and few of the Tori fans in the audience had heard of him. I enjoyed myself anyway, and again, I attended with my Rufus-loving Mom!