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"In Xanadu did Kublai Khan a stately pleasure dome decree..."
 I'm a little nervous talking about this one. It was written a couple of years ago on a horrible, frightening drug crash. The lyrics came to me fast and furious. I was shattered, and I had to resort to mythological metaphors in order to express what I was feeling. It was a very Rimbaud moment for me. It was about facing addiction, or facing this person I'd become. It was me fighting for my life, because it had become a battle at that point. The voices in the chorus are like the Furies; that song is my Orpheus Ascending.

Thank you for this bitter knowledge

Guardian angels who left me stranded

It was worth it, feeling abandoned

Makes one hardened but what has happened to love

You got me writing lyrics on postcards

Then in the evening looking at the stars

But the brightest of the planets is Mars

Then what has happened to love

So I will opt for the big white limo

Vanity fairgrounds and rebel angels

You can't be trusted with feathers so hollow

Your heaven's inventions, steel eyed vampires of love

You see over me, I'll never know

What you have shown to other eyes

Go or go ahead and surprise me

Say you've lead the way to a mirage

Go or go ahead and just try me

Nowhere's now here smelling of junipers

Fell off the hay bales, I'm over the rainbows

But oh Medusa kiss me and crucify

This unholy notion of the mythic power of love

Look in her eyes, look in her eyes

Forget about the ones that are crying

Look in her eyes, look in her eyes

Forget about the ones that are crying

Go or go ahead