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"April Fools": I wrote that at a Valentine's Day party. I was so lovesick.
They had these kissing booths, and there was this cute guy in the booth everyone
was kissing, but I was too shy to do it. Then I went up to relieve him of his kissing-booth duty, and nobody came to kiss me. It was terrible. You think everythings great,
and it just comes crashing down. I'd come up with the line "You will believe in love"
earlier that evening in the bathtub. I stood up and sang it. It just sort of hit me as
the perfect pop ball-grabber of a line. Then I went to that party.


Oh what a shame that your
pockets did bleed on St. Valentine's
And you sat in a chair thinking
"Boy I'm such a Prince!"
Well life's a train that goes
from February on day by day
But its making a stop on April First
And you will believe in love,
and all that its supposed to be,
but just until the fish start to smell,
and you're struck down by a hammer
Sure you were swift when
the handsome Greek Boys
dropped by with gifts
You are suave thanks to
ribbons that opened sesame
But in the stars and closer
to home in every planet
It aint hard for me and
Dear JoJo to see
So let it all go by looking at the sky
Wondering if there are clouds and stuff in hell

Boy, I'm Such A Prince