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You walk alone in the valley of life

In the shadow of love

Under the trees of happiness

You walk alone like a baby unborn

Like a father unknown

Like a pocket penniless 

I'm happy that you really care

But do you really know how scary

This is for you and is for me?

Oh do you really know?

Do you really know? 

Oh Natasha, all I can do

Is write a song for you

Natasha, oh Natasha for you 

I sit alone on the cozy ground floor

On a bench by the garden waiting also

Waiting for love

And thinking of all of

The catty remarks I also swallow 

And as I've often asked before

Does anybody know how scary

This is for you and is for me

Does anybody know, anybody know 


This song is a modern-day lullaby, written to comfort a friend. I really enjoyed working with Maxim Moston, who wrote the string arrangement.