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Four or five years ago, my father and I had a really horrible argument concerning show business and our careers, and I wrote "Dinner At Eight" as a kind of retort. For a long time I didn't want to release it or even perform it - I thought it was a little too intense so I ignored it. But the song stuck with me, and when this record came around, I realized I had to put it down. I decided now was the time; I finally felt comfortable recording it. I thought he'd understand it and not feel threatened by it. He's heard it, and he loves it. So, yeah, there was a lot of housecleaning to do before this record was made.


No matter how strong

I'm going to take you down with one little stone

I'm going to break you down and see what you're worth

What you're really worth to me 

Dinner at eight was o.k. before the toasts full of gleams

It was great until those old magazines

Got us started up again

Actually it was probably me again

But why is it so

That I've always been the one who must go

That I've always been the one told to flee

When in fact you were the one

Long ago, actually in the drifting white snow

Who left me? 

So put up your fists and I'll put up mine

No running away from from the scene of the crime

God's chosen a place

Somewhere near the end of the world

Somewhere near the end of our lives

But till then no daddy don't be surprised

If I want to see the tears in your eyes

Then I know it had to be

Long ago, actually in the drifting white snow

You loved me