Our Matinee Idol
New Orleans - April 6th 1999
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Written By Lauren

Hello Ruffians! I went to my first Rufus show last night, so I thought I'd give a review of it. It's a very long review.... sorry if it's too long.
Sadly, I didn't take pictures or wait around for an autograph. Sorry! But the show was great nonetheless!
When the doors opened at 9pm, there were only about four or five people there. They let me in without even checking or anything- the guys at the door just let anyone in. The concert area had a bar on one
side, and stools, tables, and chairs in the back.
My dad and I sat at one of the tables. There was a girl at the table next to us who looked about my age, and she smiled at me. It appeared that we were the
only two ewoks in the place. Rufus came out into the open once or twice- he was talking with these guys. I was frozen in my position and unable to approach him and say something. Imogen was standing in the doorway too. (She was wearing really cool red leather boots, blue pants, this huge gold necklace, and a big jacket-type thing... her hair was in these huge pigtails.)
So we waited for awhile, and with only about 15 minutes until Imogen came on, I counted a measly 16 people. I was afraid that the concert would be
really small, but it just turned out that they were skipping seeing Imogen.
They missed quite a show- it was Imogen's last night opening for Rufus, so she said she was "really going to go crazy" on a few songs. It was awesome- I
bought her cd after the show.
By the end of her set, the place was beginning to get a bit crowded. There appeared to be about 150 people in the place. People started to sit in front of me at the table, so I went up to the front and sat on the floor with this group. Before Imogen's and Rufus' shows, they were playing all of this dreadful
music. Like that "Lullaby" song. *shudder*
The crowd had closed in around the stage and the group of us sitting on the floor, and Rufus and his band came out. (Rufus wore this lime, navy blue, and
white polka-dot shirt and navy blue pants.)
I didn't get a setlist- the stage security guy, who've I've now named the setlist nazi, wouldn't let people get setlists after the show, because "the band wanted to keep them." I'm still trying to figure out why the band would want to keep the setlists to a show they've already played...... oh well.
However, I do know that Rufus played every song except for "Rainbow Crossing" and "Little Sister" at the encore.
He said how it was his second time playing in New Orleans, the first time being the House of Blues. He played there in September when it was boiling hot,
and how he had "no comment" about how he was treated there. Right before introducing "Matinee Idol" he said something like, "this is a song I wrote about River Phoneix.... who, on a good day.... I used to look like!.... when I was thirteen!"
Before April Fools, he called Imogen to come sing saying "Ou est cette fille?... What? Aren't you all supposed to know French?"
"California" was absolutely incredible. He told us the story about Marliyn Manson's pb&j sandwiches before the song. That song better get on Rufus' next album.
He also had this story about these girls from New Orleans, one who was named "Squishy," and how they opened a bottle of wine and he doesn't remember anything from that moment until he got on the plane a week later.
There were all of these people in the back screaming, presumeably drunk, who nearly ruined some of the songs. During "Baby," someone yelled "Booo!" and
Ruf looked up from the piano and kept playing. They were pretty rude, some of them. Rufus commented about how his audience in the front seemed so solemn. "Did you guys have a bad Easter? Did you lay a bad egg?" He told us how the crowd in Birmingham had only about 20 people, but they sounded like 20 thousand. "Whistling and howling are appreciated!"
At the end, I grabbed some posters, and tried to get a setlist, bought an Imogen Heap cd, and we left. I wanted to stay and get Rufus' autograph desperately, but my dad was ready to leave.
Well, that's about it.