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"Baby": Once again, orchestration by Van Dyke and me on piano. It's about the guy
in "In My Arms." When you have feelings for someone who's a drug addict, it's like
they're a baby. A part of you wants to take care it, like a mother would.
The song has an odd structure. There's a long piano break in the middle, for which
Van Dyke wrote an incredible string part. He transformed it from this sad little song
into a gorgeous, sweeping Tennessee Williams screenplay.

Nothing so bright, nothing so smooth,
nothing so pure
As my baby
All of my life days into night, all I did dream was my baby
Until the days darkness entwined
with silver eyes
Was my baby staring at me
And since then I can't see straight
And since then my smile's been fake
Funny I know the troubles I've seen
But through one eye only that's clean
If you bring along your needles
Then I'll bring my sharpened pencils
And draw one more comic tragedy
My baby
So call up the child players
From madam we'll
rent the parlor
And dance to death
till I can't see
My baby

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