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Sex Toy Drawer
Some spiritual folk knocked on my door one day
I had nothing to do, so I asked them to stay.
They entered and sat, and I offered them tea,
I think they would have preferred that I offer them... me.
I listened as they spoke,
Then began to choke,
On the saliva in my throat,
'Cuz their messages managed to hit close to home.
So, I kindly explained that I had something to do,
And I asked them to leave,
And now I ask you:
Is it right to preach? To put others down?
To claim entitlement for Heaven,
While others, you banish, to the ground?
Are my hairy armpits a sentence to Hell?
If you judge me, will you not go there as well?
Law and equality are based on Christianity,
But I didn't learn my morals from their ancient book,
So why must my freedom be held captive - sentenced, shaken, shook?
"Get your laws off my body," my favourite button reads,
And while you're at it, get your laws out of my bedroom,
Out of my sex toy drawer, out of my womb.
So let's all get together, dressed in shirts and ties,
Womyn-born-womyn, transgrrls and transbois,
And we'll go door to door preaching diversity,
Refusing to accept supposed religious parity.
We'll march to parliament hill and barge in on the Prime Minister,
At exactly 5 o'clock, while he's sitting down to dinner.
And just as he bows his head to say grace,
We'll kick him, and punch him, and spit in his face,
To give him an idea of how we 'freaks' live,
In society, based on morals without any give.
Then maybe he'll listen to our tears and our screams,
He'll value our sorrows, our fears and our dreams.
Any maybe with some coaxing, he'll understand,
That there's no such thing as woman, and no such thing as man.
Just people
With needs
And dreams
For freedom
In a society
Based on ethics
Not Christianity.