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Rufus Wainwright
Welcome To The New And Improved "Our Matinee Idol" Website!
I first heard of Rufus Wainwright during my Christmas break in 1998. I was fourteen. The "What Are You Doing New Years" Gap commercial was constantly on television, and all my internet searches into the mysterious artist came up dry. So, I figured out who he was, bought his albums, saw him live, and within three months of the commercial's airing, I had created one of the first fan-run Rufus Wainwright sites on the web.
This website was first created in March of 1998, and has since been revamped a number of times. I have recently added a photo album, updated the content, and put out a call for submissions from fans for anything that they'd like to see on this page. Take a look around, enjoy, and hopefully you'll come back time and time again.
From Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Heights, starring Glenn Close, comes to DVD. This film also lists our wonderful and dear RUFUS WAINWRIGHT as one of its actors.